Plamen Ganchev
Plamen GanchevLighting designer


I am Lighting Designer with experience spanning over 20 years. My experience cover various projects for example cultural, hospitality, retail, office, residential, wellness, hospitals, swimming pools, landscape, infrastructure developments, customised lighting installations and art installations.
I am also the founder of the lighting company LED Energy.


I creates atmospheres of natural and artificial Lightning Design in built environment as schemes for Architecture, using design research based on artistic assets with high tech applications.

My inspiration is the ever changing environment around us. Nature has a strong impact providing amazing lighting performance with the unique light. Simple occurrences such as the silhouetting of an object, reflection, shadow, mirroring and the amazing colours created in nature are indeed inspiring me and reflected in my mind and projects.

“We are born of light. The seasons are felt through light. We only know the world as it is evoked by light.”

I always take the environmental impact of my activities into consideration, both in practice in office and fieldwork as well as applying the core idea of sustainable development in each and every design and advisory project, big or small.

Thus promoting the policy of environmental sensitivity to each and every cooperative party. Developing integral lighting solutions through a platform of services that harmoniously integrate electrical lighting, natural lighting and lighting controls is key to creating a balance between functional lighting and creative design.

“I sense light as the giver of all presences, and material as spent Light. What is made by light casts a shadow, and the shadow belongs to light”

I am using strategies of European Lighting Design and has been developing the Concept. European Lighting Design has evolved a certain Ideology different from further Asian and Russian. Human Centric concept is the main factor in my Lighting Design. Different factors as respect for heritage, holistic design approach that takes into account ecological factors, sustainability, aesthetics and perception of space. I have developed a definition of “Designed by Plamen Ganchev” as following:

  • An integral part of European Design traditions – minimalistic beaty and functionality.
  • Genuine high quality in terms of materials and perception.
  • Design and solutions that shape light itself to human needs.
  • Optimal balance between function, aesthetics and sustainability.
  • Design that improves life through interaction with architecture and spaces.